What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifting is taking the beauty industry by storm. But what exactly is a lash lift? It a safe, low maintenance lash curl system that lifts and enhances your natural lashes for up to 6 weeks. No need for irritating lash extensions.

I know what you’re thinking,

“Doesn’t curling the lash involve perming and is that even safe?”

The lash perms of the past, which involved cotton roller rods and liquid solutions to curl the eyelashes, is no more. It was deemed unsafe because it was very hard to control these liquids so close to the eye. However, unlike perming, lash lifting uses special shaped silicone shields to protect the eyes and provide a nice curl. This is used with cream solutions that are easily controlled and safe to use around the eyes.

Benefits of Lash Lift:

  • Low maintenance (no downtime)
  • Requires no lash adhesive or eyelash extensions, say goodbye to irritation
  • Cost effective compared to lash extensions (lasts 6-8 weeks)
  • Eliminates the need for eyelash curlers
  • Eliminates the need for mascara if you add a lash tint to the service
  • 3 different levels of “lift” (moderate, natural, dramatic)
  • Lashes appear fuller, thicker and longer
  • Opens up the eyes, making you appear more youthful
  • Perfect for special occasions and vacation

If you’ve ever had a bad reaction to lash extensions, looking for a more natural alternative, or simply just curious, feel free to stop by for a complimentary consult to see if lash lifting will be good for you.

Call us at 470-639-1599 or Book Now!




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